Beyond the Pacifier…

We dropped TV shortly after our first baby was born. Several kids and 23 yrs later we still don’t miss it!  I was recently asked by a follower on Facebook, “How did you juggle it all without a distraction for them? Tips would be so appreciated! I hate relying on TV, even good shows….”  Below

Lessons from Teenagers

Today I am thankful for the humility that comes from living with teenagers who, on a rotating and almost daily basis, feel the need to make me aware of my every fault, as teenagers do. There is a certain quality I like about it…humility…so why not be thankful for it and embrace it fully? We… Continue reading Lessons from Teenagers

Springtime in Oregon~

We see lots of them…rainbows aren’t uncommon in Oregon. That shimmery gladness of hovering lights arched gracefully over a cloud-covered sky and carrying with it the promise of hope.   Hope of a break  in the clouds after days–even weeks–filled with steady rain showers.   Hope of sunshine that holds us breathless in its embrace for a moment before it disappears again behind the ensuing… Continue reading Springtime in Oregon~