In My Home Town

What a great evening…only in Astoria!

4:55 My husband and I drop in on a friend who’ s heading up the kitchen tonight at the Event Center. Suddenly we are taking in a private demonstration on how to cut a top-sirloin roast into steaks just by chance — all while putting down a pint of Vortex IPA, a cup of mac n’ cheese and just the most delicious garlic toast. And not just any mac n’ cheese, mind you, this is Connie’s own…and it is YUM! Then we hurry off to see a movie at 5:20 knowing we’re going to miss the previews.

5:22 Ran into a friend on the street…further delaying our movie date, but we’re not the least bit deterred. We stop off again to take some pictures of the old Plywood Mill and Ferry Landing posted at the run-down Flavel building on 9th and Commercial as we’re passing by. Oh well, wth!

5:35 Now realizing that the Vortex is likely to put My husband out during the movie (he’s been up since 4am!) we decide we really need to pick up a shot of espresso for the road and quickly duck into Coffeehouse where we’re parked. Within moments, somehow our plans are diverted and we’re seated beside a semi-retired couple from Tacoma and I’m admiring the most beautiful, dark Sangria when she offers me a taste! So we order one of those (for me, of course) and a coffee nudge for ol’ sleepy eyes.

5:55 By now we four are engaged in full-on conversation…’sordid’ small-town history, grand-kids, home-shares, and exchanging pictures–those we’d just shot of Astoria’s past history and some they’d shot earlier today from South Bend’s lost and forgotten architecture. Did you know that during WWII the South Bend, WA, courthouse paneled up a Tiffany glass dome to hide their lights from night raids? It has since been uncovered and…I’ve seen the pictures…it is fantastic! Tiny little South Bend has a Tiffany dome. Who knew?!

8:30 After hours of conversation, a couple $3 tacos, another Vortex for Simo and some fruity Sangrias for the lady and I — we learn their names are John and Judy just as we’re about to leave. đŸ™‚ And … we leave there feeling so satisfied in knowing that people are just people. No pretense. No shame. Just nice to be reminded of that tonight. Such great times can be had when you can allow things to take their own course…..or maybe we just need to get out more often!


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