Chaos and Chammomile

Mornings can be chaotic at our house during the school year, so it is with great relief that we welcome its end. We so look forward to this time of year when the family can be at ease during these precious morning hours again.

The contrast is notable, like chaos is to chamomile.

On just about any school day morning you will find me vertical, with coffee in-hand, but not quite awake. Oh, my mouth is moving and all wires are firing but my sleepy soul is begrudging at best. The heart of me is resisting each moment, waiting for the house to fall silent again so that it can find its repose and start the day aright, as nature intended…with quiet time for myself and the sounds of birdsong at my window!

With another school year looming before us, we look forward to beginning each day in this mode due to our decision to home school the children. Now before you jump to any conclusions let me just tell you I am no ‘super-mom’! I do not have endless amounts of energy and money and wisdom to draw on. I have only my time and their attention.

They dislike the public-school experience, and they are in love with our mornings since school has ended.

Everyone is in a better frame of mind, especially….me! I enjoy my children when we’re not in a rush to get going somewhere. And they enjoy me when I’m not beside myself with fret and anxiety as we rush against the clock in those wee hours of the morning when my body is in a state of revolt!

So why NOT let this be the course of our lives? Is the school experience of so much importance that it should ruin the life of our family? I think not.

I’m tired of hearing constant complaints about bullying and bus rides.

I’m tired of all the little injustices. Are they real? Do they exist in the ‘real’ world? Yes! And of course they do. As a matter of fact, they exist in our home…but it’s entirely within my ability to manage and to train in our home whereas at school it is entirely up to someone else to do that. From my experience, they haven’t BEGUN to get a handle on these issues in our public schools and that is not acceptable to me.

I am choosing the path of least resistance. Or am I?

Can we afford to live on one income? Not without cutbacks of our own. Am I up for the challenge? Certainly…not. But it is a real opportunity to talk openly with them about the challenges this will present to our family and to start a conversation about building better relationships at home and living within our means! And that is a challenge I am up for, frankly.

I am ready to begin the conversation about real things with my children. Enough time wasted on status quo and ‘go gO GO!’ I am ready to take my life back into my own hands and place the lives of my children at the footstool of God.

One thought on “Chaos and Chammomile

  1. great post, recapturing what so many of us go through. Women have to balance so much nowadays! We don’t need to put the pressure on ourselves to be super women. I think this cuts down to the heart of self-care: it’s okay to take care of ourselves, to give ourselves what we truly need. Very cool that I found this post today, serendipity! I just posted on the scientific evidence supporting the benefit of self-care. Anyway, you are always invited to stop by and say Hi at my home base (

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