All things in Moderation~

So I’ve got teenagers at home, and as you might have gathered…

I love dancing to all their different genres of music, baking and harmonizing with my daughter (as loud as the neighbors can stand it) to Pandora, have once owned an espresso shop/bakery, spend tons of time in my garden (weather prevailing), am a dedicated writer/photographer, and when the sun comes out I like to get outdoors and ‘do’ stuff.

Or at least the thought of doing stuff. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, are surrounded by streams, rivers, mountains and lakes so I have absolutely no excuse for my sedentary preferences at all. I once thought I’d like to take up kayaking since we live so close to the river, but dang…that water’s cold!

The only time I’ve been kayaking was in the Florida Keys where the water was warm and clear…as blue as the sky. I am spoiled forever. So, you might have also gathered thus far that it’s just cold outside in Oregon except for three months out of the year (make that three DAYS if you’re from a climate anything like Florida’s) and, let’s be honest, it’s a bit of an investment to purchase a Kayak complete with dry-suit.

Excuses, I know.

So why must I feel compelled to stay active, anyway, when it’s so much easier to just hunker down in my sofa and work or spend time with like-minded people on Pinterest or Facebook? Well, at 51 years old let me tell you my ‘why’…because it’s painful  to be sedentary. Not very inspiring, is it? The last time I did my husband’s taxes it took me 3 weeks and three ibuprofin to get out of bed so I could go see the doctor. I thought I may need a hysterectomy but she just told me (with emphasis) to ‘get moving’!

And we aren’t living in bygone eras of the past anymore, when getting old was a perfectly acceptable pastime. With 50 being the new 40, I’m not ready to get old yet anyway and, besides, I would miss out on so much with my family and friends if I couldn’t remain active. So I listened to my doctor and did what anyone on a limited budget with (not a lot of) motivation would do and bought…wait for it. A rebounder! Yes. A tiny trampoline that’s set up right in front of a decent sized flatscreen where I can bounce to videos and loud music from the 80’s and 90’s. For real.

BUT…that’s not all. Nope.

I bought a hoola hoop! A bonafide hoola hoop covered in pink and orange athletic foam wrap. A fully weighted three pounder! So you see, the lesson here (if you can call it that) is…

I don’t have to commit to a gym (no time for that).

I don’t have to fork out money for a kayak and gear (too expensive).

And I don’t have to wait for a vacation in the Keys (although I want to!).

I just need to do SOMETHING. Every day. Heck. I might just go out today buy a new mop…mopping is hard work. That alone will make me break a sweat! But mopping is boring and bouncing to 80’s music is…well, kind of pathetic. And the hoola hoop just bruises my hips up and makes me feel all awkward and clumsy. So, you know, I’m a practical gal and mopping is a necessary task anyway. It’s kind of looking better these days for said reasons. I can kill two birds with one stone! And just walking with a friend talking breathlessly is also a necessary thing, don’t you think? I could do that.

So, so much for excuses…I am so over that!

I also think I might learn how to surf. And why not? I live at the ocean and there’s nothing more fun than spending long summer days at the beach with my kids. My nephew will have to be the unfortunate one to teach me, though. Dylan’s an amiable guy, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. (Would he?) Well, he’s the kind of serious surfin’ dude who loves the beach as much as his beer so that might represent a problem for me and the kids, anyway. I mean, even his pup loves the beach…

but the pup doesn’t handle his beer very well =/

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