Break’s over!

“Just get moving again!”

That’s the advice I gotfrom my doctor.

So it was with great determination that I scooted back home to unveil the Nordictrack that had become buried behind boxes of Christmas decor waiting to be shelved in the attic. So there it was: the answer to all my problems! Right? Wrong. After three minutes I was breathless and discouraged.

I walked the entire length of our driveway twice one day when the sun came out. It felt good. This could work! My boys ride separate buses and so I could meet them both at the end of their school day. If I really was motivated I could walk them down to meet the bus in the morning instead of driving them to school. But the next day it rained. I guess I’m not that committed. This could be a problem!

And it is still raining. This is Oregon, remember?

So what to do? Ah! A stroke of luck: our daughter’s friend, ‘Stormy’ (no pun intended), has left something here they were playing on the Wii and it looks like….it is!!! It’s DANCE! DANCE! hallelujah and praise the Lord! I popped it in to tunes of reggae, beatbox and other sordid genre’s of teenage dance music. It was actually fun. Again, I’m thinking, “this could work!” And I’m actually learning some salsa moves…hot dang! I am gonna look good on the dance floor…wait. What dance floor? (By the way…I’m 40 something.)

Well anyway, have you ever tried Zumba?

It’s a fun form of aerobic exercise that is going viral in those expensive gyms that I can’t afford. I admit….I forked out the six bucks two or three times to get the hang of it and I liked it. It is…brazilliant stuff! I love the swaying hip action and the upper body pumps that shape the shoulders. But it — is — exhausting — stuff.

Totally exhausted from the workout I climbed into the car with one simple question in mind: what did all those people think of me!?! (I mentioned I’m in my 40’s right?!) Yea.



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