Springtime in Oregon~

We see lots of them…rainbows aren’t uncommon in Oregon.

That shimmery gladness of hovering lights arched gracefully over a cloud-covered sky and carrying with it the promise of hope.   Hope of a break  in the clouds after days–even weeks–filled with steady rain showers.   Hope of sunshine that holds us breathless in its embrace for a moment before it disappears again behind the ensuing clouds.

The Oregon coastal range is uniquely beautiful this way.  

Rain brings with it a promise, too.  Promises of lush green pastures where cattle graze peacefully in our tepid weather year-round.  Promises of growth.  Strong growth.  Legendary growth of forest and field.  And also the promise of wind-blown rains which strike the ground harshly and without repose–taking away the very soil that provides grounding.  Pouring rain, sideways rain, relentless and unforgiving…rain.  

For this we are prepared…and we see a lot of it. 

I am a parent, a writer, a gardener, and a native Oregonian–daughter of a bootlegger and third generation to the beautiful historic town of Astoria that is happily situated on the south shore of the Columbia River, long renowned as the elusive ‘Northwest Passage’.  I hope you enjoy my posts as I share from my heart–eager to emerge from the long months of winter that lie behind  me now on the rainfully, inebriated grounds of my coastal home that is Oregon. 

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