Fire at Night~

It’s the best of times and the worst of times…isn’t that the way it goes?  Since we’ve cut back on expenses at home, we’ve taken up pastimes like gardening and board games again. What a transition to go from American Idol to Pictionary with three teens in the house!  It does my heart so much good just to… Continue reading Fire at Night~

All things in Moderation~

So I’ve got teenagers at home, and as you might have gathered… I love dancing to all their different genres of music, baking and harmonizing with my daughter (as loud as the neighbors can stand it) to Pandora, have once owned an espresso shop/bakery, spend tons of time in my garden (weather prevailing), am a dedicated writer/photographer, and… Continue reading All things in Moderation~

Break’s over!

“Just get moving again!” That’s the advice I gotfrom my doctor. So it was with great determination that I scooted back home to unveil the Nordictrack that had become buried behind boxes of Christmas decor waiting to be shelved in the attic. So there it was: the answer to all my problems! Right? Wrong. After… Continue reading Break’s over!

Springtime in Oregon~

We see lots of them…rainbows aren’t uncommon in Oregon. That shimmery gladness of hovering lights arched gracefully over a cloud-covered sky and carrying with it the promise of hope.   Hope of a break  in the clouds after days–even weeks–filled with steady rain showers.   Hope of sunshine that holds us breathless in its embrace for a moment before it disappears again behind the ensuing… Continue reading Springtime in Oregon~